20.4. Silická ľadnica

Silická ľadnica

Locality: The Slovak Republic – Silická l’adnica
Our members visited the Silická l’adnica cave on 20.4. Their aim was to find out other potential exploration in the cave. The Speleoaquanaut team leaded by Jirka Hovorka worked in this cave 20 years ago. They got over a quite hard siphon named “Kufr” 80m long and discovered 1km of new dry spaces behind it. At these days the cave is getting ready for opening to public.

Participants: Daniel Hutňan, Martin Honeš and slovak group leaded by Jaro Stankovič.

foto: Jaro Stankovičfoto: Jaro Stankovičfoto: Jaro Stankovičfoto: Jaro Stankovič

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